Saturday, May 30, 2015

I had a dream...

I met a boy. We were happy. We went to a party and daddy was there. He met daddy, so did mommy and didi. But I was too shocked to see daddy, I hugged him and cried. When I turned around, he was nowhere to be found. Where are you? Are you the one? Is daddy giving me a sign?

Is this the start of a beautiful dream? Or is this just another daydream?

No matter what happens, let's hope it will be a good few months ahead =)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Another New Beginning

Dear spiderweb-ridden blog,

I have not forgotten you. I just did not have the time and energy to blog previously because of work and other EXCUSES (yes, I know they are just excuses). But now that I have quit my job in search of a new beginning and real adventure, I have decided to feed you with a post or two, or maybe more. (I should thank a friend for reminding me that I still have a blog and asked me to write again. Thank you! You know who you are.)

So, I'm an unemployed bum right now, trying to travel around the world on my limited finance (unless I find a job soon). First stop, Vietnam (Hanoi, Sapa, Halong Bay) with a friend I've known since childhood, the longest friend I've known. I believe we've known each other even before he was born! *haha* Our dads were best friends, and our mums eventually became friends, so when we were born of course we ended up friends too! I suppose they are more like family now, and how I wish I would have such a friend in the future, where our children will become good friends too =)

Vietnam though there were ups and downs had been definitely a great experience and adventure! =D Next up I'm planning for my Korea trip, New Zealand work and travel and whatever that comes in between! ^_^ Looking forward to a year of self-centered ME enjoying life to the fullest!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Economics of Life

Sometimes, sitting at a rooftop by the pool with a friend looking towards a majestic view and talking about life is just what one needs.

Life is all about making choices and opportunity cost. What you are willing to forego will highly depend on your calculations of the marginal utility that you will be gaining, in relation to the law of diminishing returns.

But as humans, we are all selfish, and would always want the best of both worlds. So what happens then? The solution that was given to me was to just make the best of what I have, look at the half glass of water as half-full instead of half-empty and stay positive and optimistic.

I understand that it is important to have a goal in life; the carrot or whatever reward at the end of the line that one is willing to work hard for. You may not get to the reward at the end, but sometimes it's not the end result that counts, but the fact that you have tried your best and the journey that got you there.

However, I am currently having a tough time figuring out what my carrot is, who knows it might not even be a carrot but an apple, orange, potato or just a piece of plain toast. Other than that, I supposed fear is holding me back too. The fear of failure and rejection always caused me to over analyze things and make it difficult to make my choice.

Have I succumbed to being complacent with life? Do I really need to be put in a state of true desperation before I finally realize what it is that I truly want?

Sunday, May 11, 2014


I've finally come across it in reality.
But I'm still having a hard time understanding it.
I don't think I can ever love anyone unconditionally.
It just doesn't make sense.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Egg Story

A wise friend once told me a story about eggs, which I think is very meaningful and true.

Once upon a time, there was a man who had a fat hen that will lay two big beautiful eggs each day. Everyday after the hen had lay the eggs, the man would collect it from the pen to cook it for breakfast. But before he makes his scrumptious omelette or poached egg or sunny-side-up or scramble egg or whatever he feels like having that morning, he would always give one of the egg to his friend who lives next door. So day after day, the friend would always have a yummy egg breakfast too, and that was how it went for a very long while.

Then came one fine day, when the man went to collect the eggs from the pen, he saw a poor man walked past. He felt obliged to help the poor man, therefore gave one of the eggs to him. That day he did not give his friend any eggs, but went straight home to make his breakfast. The friend, who by now was so used to getting an egg everyday from the man, waited by the window for the egg to come.

So waited he did, from dawn to dusk, but no egg ever came. By nightfall, the friend had been so hungry that he was in a very sour and grumpy mood. He marched angrily up to the man's house and asked where his share of the day's eggs was. When the man explained that he had given one of the eggs to a poor man and had not enough to share, the friend threw a fit demanding that the egg was his and should not have been given to the poor man. All these while, the friend had assumed that the egg belonged to him because it was what he got everyday. However, the egg had never been his to begin with because both eggs belonged to the man. It was of course up to the man to give the extra egg to whoever he wants.

Thus, the moral of this story is that we should never take things for granted. It could end up becoming such a habit that it embeds the idea of ownership to things that never belonged to us in the first place. When the things we unrightly claim to be ours are suddenly taken away, we tend to get angry and start putting the blame on others. This is a very false mindset that many of us have. You may think that it is easy to see that the egg's rightful owner has always been the man, but substitute the 'egg' in the story with 'love' and 'trust' or other intangible things, it may not appear that straightforward.

A person's love is never yours to begin with, it is always up to the person whether or not it is to be given to you, and it can always be taken back. A person's trust is also not yours to keep, as trust is a fragile thing that can be easily broken and withdrawn. So never take anything from anyone for granted because one day when you no longer receive it, you will miss it dearly.

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